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In Atlanta, GA, where the integrity of your home’s plumbing system is paramount, sewer pipe repair, including sewer line replacement and sewer line repair services, is not just a necessity but a priority. The city’s unique infrastructure demands timely and efficient handling of sewer line issues to prevent severe complications like sewage backups, which can cause health hazards, and structural damage to properties. NGI Drain Cleaning & Hydro Jetting stands at the forefront of this essential service, ensuring that your plumbing system remains robust and efficient. With a keen focus on the specific needs of Atlanta homes, they offer specialized solutions to keep your sewer lines functioning optimally.

Why Choose NGI Drain Cleaning & Hydro Jetting for Sewer Pipe Repair

✅ Proven Expertise: Boasting years of dedicated service, NGI Drain Cleaning & Hydro Jetting has established itself as a leader in sewer pipe and line repairs, showcasing a depth of knowledge and skill that only comes with experience.

✅ Local Knowledge: Understanding the unique challenges of Atlanta’s sewer system sets NGI Drain Cleaning & Hydro Jetting apart. Their team is well-versed in the local infrastructure, ensuring tailored solutions that effectively address the city’s specific sewer repair needs.

✅ Advanced Techniques: Embracing both traditional and cutting-edge trenchless sewer line repair methods, NGI Drain Cleaning & Hydro Jetting offers a range of solutions to suit different needs, from simple sewer line repairs to complete sewer line replacements.

✅ Customer Focus: The hallmark of their service is a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. They prioritize delivering not just quick fixes but long-lasting solutions that ensure the well-being and peace of mind of their clients.

Understanding Sewer Pipe Issues

Common Problems Leading to Sewer Pipe Damage

✅ Tree Root Intrusion: This intrusion can block and eventually break the pipes, often requiring a broken sewer pipe repair. This intrusion can block and eventually break the pipes.

✅ Aging Pipes: Over time, pipes made from materials like clay or cast iron can corrode or deteriorate. This aging process weakens the sewer lines, making them prone to cracks and breaks.

✅ Blockages: Everyday items like hair, grease, or non-flushable items can accumulate, leading to significant blockages. These obstructions can cause backups and increase pressure on pipes, leading to damage.

✅ Ground Movement: Natural shifts in the ground, often due to seasonal changes or nearby construction, can lead to pipe misalignment or breakage.

✅ Temperature Changes: Extreme cold can cause pipes to contract and crack, while extreme heat can lead to pipe expansion and joint damage.

How to Identify Sewer Pipe Issues:

✅ Slow Drains: If water drains slowly from sinks, toilets, or bathtubs, it may indicate a blockage in the sewer line.

✅ Unusual Noises: Bubbling or gurgling sounds from drains or toilets suggest air is trapped in the sewer line due to a blockage.

✅ Foul Odors: A persistent, unpleasant sewage smell can indicate a crack or break in the sewer line.

Water Pooling: Unexpected wet areas in the yard, especially with a sewage smell, can be a sign of a leaking sewer pipe.

✅ Sewage Backups: Recurring sewage backups in toilets or drains are often a clear indication of severe sewer line problems.

Our Sewer Pipe Repair Process

1. Initial Inspection: Utilizing state-of-the-art camera technology, our team conducts a comprehensive inspection to pinpoint the exact location and nature of the sewer line issue. This includes determining if traditional sewer line repair or trenchless methods are more suitable.

2. Identifying the Best Solution: Based on the inspection findings, we determine the most effective repair approach, which may include traditional excavation or trenchless methods.

3. Trenchless Repair Methods: These include pipe lining, where a new pipe lining is installed within the old pipe, and pipe bursting, where the old pipe is broken apart as a new one is pulled through.

4. Executing the Repair: Our experienced technicians carefully undertake the repair work, focusing on efficiency and minimizing disruption to your property.

5. Final Testing: We conduct rigorous testing post-repair to ensure the integrity of the sewer line and the restoration of proper flow, guaranteeing a reliable and long-lasting solution.

This comprehensive process, combining advanced technology and expert techniques, ensures effective and efficient sewer pipe repair.

Expanding on the benefits and customization offers a more comprehensive understanding of the value provided by professional sewer pipe repair services:

Benefits of Professional Sewer Pipe Repair

✅ Long-term Cost Savings: Investing in professional repairs can significantly reduce the need for frequent maintenance and avoid the accumulation of minor issues into major emergencies, leading to substantial savings over time.

✅ Prevention of Property Damage and Health Hazards: Professional repairs safeguard your home against the dangers of sewage leaks, which can cause foundational damage and pose serious health risks due to contaminants. By ensuring a properly functioning sewer system, you also protect the environment and community health.

Customized Solutions for Different Types of Sewer Pipes

Customization goes beyond just the material; it also considers the pipe’s age, the severity of damage, and environmental factors. For instance, trenchless repairs might be preferred for minimizing landscape disruption, while traditional methods might be necessary for extensive damage. This approach ensures that each repair is not only effective but also the most efficient and least intrusive option available, thereby extending the life of your plumbing system and enhancing its resilience against future issues.

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Schedule a free consultation
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Preventative Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your sewer pipes is crucial for preventing costly repairs and ensuring your plumbing system runs smoothly. These tips highlight simple yet effective practices to protect your sewer lines from blockages, damage, and wear over time. From regular inspections to smart landscaping, each piece of advice is designed to extend the life of your plumbing and avoid common issues that can lead to bigger problems.

✅ Regular Inspections: Annual professional inspections can catch hidden issues like small leaks or blockages before they escalate, saving you from costly repairs.

✅ Avoid Chemical Cleaners: Chemical cleaners can erode your pipes over time. Enzyme-based cleaners are gentler and more effective at maintaining clear pipes without causing damage.

✅ Mind What You Flush: Flushing anything other than toilet paper and human waste can lead to severe blockages. Even “flushable” wipes can clog pipes.

✅ Dispose of Grease Properly: Grease solidifies inside pipes, creating blockages. Dispose of it in the trash instead of down the drain.

✅ Plant Trees Wisely: Trees should be planted far enough from sewer lines to prevent roots from seeking water and nutrients inside your sewer pipes.

✅ Use Mesh Drain Covers: These covers catch hair and other debris, preventing them from entering and clogging your pipes.

✅ Regularly Clean Drains: A monthly flush with hot water or a natural cleaner like a vinegar and baking soda mixture can help keep drains clear without damaging pipes.

✅ Monitor Water Pressure: Consistently high water pressure can weaken pipes over time, leading to leaks or bursts. A pressure regulator can help maintain a safe level.


Besides slow drains and foul odors, other signs include multiple clogged fixtures, changes in lawn appearance, and unusually high water bills. These symptoms often indicate sewer line damage or blockages.

Yes, tree roots are attracted to the moisture in sewer lines. They can grow into tiny cracks or loose joints, causing blockages or even breaking the pipe, leading to significant sewer line damage.

Trenchless sewer repair is a modern method of repairing or replacing sewer lines without the need for extensive excavation. Techniques like pipe lining or pipe bursting are used, making the process less intrusive, quicker, and often more cost-effective.

Regular inspections, ideally once a year, are crucial for early detection of potential problems. This is especially important for older homes or those with a history of sewer issues.

Common causes include natural deterioration due to age, corrosion, ground movement such as earthquakes or heavy construction nearby, and severe blockages often caused by inappropriate items being flushed.

Coverage varies based on the insurance policy and the cause of the sewer line damage. Generally, sudden and unexpected damages are covered, but it’s important to check the specifics of your policy.

The duration depends on the method used and the extent of damage. Traditional methods may take several days, whereas trenchless repairs can often be completed within a day, minimizing disruption.

Preventative measures include regular maintenance, avoiding flushing non-degradable items, and reducing water usage during heavy rainfalls. Installing a backwater prevention valve can also be effective in preventing sewage from backing up into your home.

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or call us at (404) 418-4681

Schedule a free consultation
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