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Specialized materials such as fiberglass liner and resin are utilized in pipe patching to reinforce and seal impaired pipes. This procedure effectively preserves the structural integrity of plumbing systems by repairing the pipes without the necessity for extensive excavation or replacement. Employing a dig pipe repair system, a lining tube or pipe lining is inserted into the damaged section of the pipe to execute pipe patching. This can be achieved using an inflatable tube method or by inserting a flexible felt tube saturated with resin, which subsequently hardens to create a ‘patch’ over the damage.

The significance of pipe patching lies in its ability to address the issue at its root. If a pipe is damaged, it’s not enough to just fix the leak; the entire integrity of the pipe is compromised. Patching not only fixes the leak but ensures the pipe is as good as new, preventing any future issues. This is what NGI Drain Cleaning & Hydro Jetting specializes in. Our expertise and experience in providing pipe patching services make us a reliable option for efficient and effective care of your plumbing systems.

When is Pipe Patching Needed?

When is the right time to consider pipe patching? Well, there are certain scenarios that may indicate the need for this service. If you’ve noticed:

  • minor leaks in your pipes, this could be a sign that pipe patching is required

  • root intrusion from trees around your property, which could damage your pipes, indicating the need for pipe patching

  • small sections of your pipe that are damaged, pipe patching could be the perfect solution.

Pipe damage requiring patching can result from various factors such as:

  • corrosion

  • damaged joints

  • compromised seals

  • clogged pipes

  • high water pressure

  • tree root intrusion

  • temperature changes

  • improper installation like incorrect pipe laying

Broken pipes, damaged pipes, broken seals, and clogged lines can also be contributing factors to the damage.

Early identification and prompt resolution of these signs can spare you significant inconvenience in the future. It’s better to patch a small section of a pipe than to deal with a full-blown plumbing disaster. With NGI Drain Cleaning & Hydro Jetting’s trenchless services in Atlanta, GA, you can fix the damaged areas without the hassle of major excavation.

Benefits of Pipe Patching

Choosing pipe patching over traditional repair methods offers numerous advantages, including:

  • Substantial cost savings due to reduced labor hours, minimal equipment requirements, and limited excavation

  • Faster repair times, minimizing disruption to daily activities

  • Environmentally friendly, as it reduces the need for excavation and the use of new materials

  • Long-lasting results, with pipe patches designed to withstand the test of time

These advantages make pipe patching a packed ready, all in one, complete solution for highly effective and efficient pipe repair.

Furthermore, pipe patching is known for its efficiency. The benefits of pipe patching include:

  • The ability to target specific areas in need of repair without necessitating full excavation or replacement of the pipe

  • This focused approach to addressing specific defects contributes to the increased efficiency of the repair process

  • Helps maintain the structural integrity of the pipe

And let’s not forget about the minimal disruption. Trenchless pipe patching offers a more efficient and less disruptive alternative to traditional methods, as it significantly reduces the need for extensive digging and excavation. This allows for a cleaner and more uninterrupted repair process while effectively addressing issues such as cracks and leaks.

Our Pipe Patching Process

What is NGI Drain Cleaning & Hydro Jetting’s approach to pipe patching? Using trenchless pipe lining technology and patch kits, our team at NGI Drain Cleaning & Hydro Jetting ensures an efficient and effective patching process. The process includes:

✅ Inspection – The initial step involves a thorough inspection of the damaged pipe to fix damaged areas, which can be a major investment. This involves the use of advanced technology to determine the extent and nature of the damage.

✅ Preparation – Once inspection is established, our team gets to work on preparing the pipe for the patching process.

✅ Patch application – The patch is then applied using a dig pipe repair system, ensuring that it perfectly fits the damaged area.

✅ Curing – The patch is left to cure, during which time it hardens and effectively seals the pipe. The result is a pipe that is as good as new, with enhanced structural integrity and increased longevity.

Schedule a free consultation
or call us at (404) 418-4681

Schedule a free consultation
or call us at
(404) 418-4681

Why Choose NGI Drain Cleaning & Hydro Jetting

✅ Expert Team: Our team at NGI Drain Cleaning & Hydro Jetting possesses qualifications in trenchless pipe repair, specialized pipe cleaning, and coating. We have experience with an excavator and years of experience in service plumbing and drain cleaning.

✅ Industry Recognition: Our company prides itself on its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, which is reflected in the numerous positive testimonials from our satisfied clients.

✅ Guarantees and Warranties: This means that you can have peace of mind knowing that your plumbing systems are in good hands. From the moment you reach out to us for a consultation to the completion of the job, you can expect nothing but professionalism and top-notch service.


Pipe patching is a method used to repair damaged pipes without the need for extensive digging, making it particularly beneficial for hard-to-reach areas such as those under foundations.

The best method of pipe repair is using a moisture-cured urethane fiberglass wrap in combination with fast-curing epoxy glue, which is quick, inexpensive, and effective in stopping leaks under 50 PSI of pressure.

There are four common types of pipe repair: moisture-cured fiberglass wraps, external pipe clamps, external welded repairs, and carbon fiber composite repairs. Each has its benefits and disadvantages.

Yes, if there is only a small patch of rust on a pipe, you can use epoxy or a clamp fitting to solve the problem, but if the pipes are extensively corroded, it’s recommended to replace them instead of patching them.

Pipe patching is a long-lasting solution as the materials used are designed to withstand the test of time.

The duration of the repair depends on the damage’s extent, but North Georgia Drain Cleaning aims to complete the work efficiently without compromising quality.

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Should you suspect a need for pipe patching, feel free to consult us at NGI Drain Cleaning & Hydro Jetting. We provide personalized advice and solutions for your pipe patching needs in Atlanta, GA. We specialize in pipe patching methods that do not require excavation. Avoid letting a minor problem escalate into a major issue. Reach out to us today and let them take care of your pipe patching needs.

Schedule a free consultation
or call us at (404) 418-4681

Schedule a free consultation
or call us at
(404) 418-4681

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