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Pump replacement is a crucial service for maintaining the efficiency and safety of plumbing systems in homes and businesses in Atlanta, GA. NGI Drain Cleaning & Hydro Jetting specializes in replacing a variety of pumps, including sump pumps, sewage ejector pumps, and more. These pumps are vital for managing how much wastewater and preventing flooding, especially in areas like basements, laundry rooms, or near the septic tank. Replacing an old pump or malfunctioning pump ensures proper waste disposal and protects your property from potential water damage and sewage backups.

Different Types of Pumps and Specific Services Offered:

✅ Sump Pump: Designed to remove excess water from the basement floor, our sump pump services include installation, maintenance, and replacement, ensuring your basement stays dry.

✅ Sewage Pump: Vital for efficiently removing dirty water from lower levels like basements, especially when connected to a septic tank. We provide installation and replacement services.

✅ Drain Pump: Ideal for areas where gravity can’t efficiently move water, like in some laundry rooms, these pumps are essential. Our services ensure optimal function.

✅ Ejector Pump: Used for elevating waste or sewage when the property’s gradient doesn’t allow natural flow. We offer installation, repair, and maintenance services.

✅ Grinder Pump: Essential for handling sewage with solid waste, these pumps grind and pump sewage effectively. We provide installation and replacement services.

✅ Backup Pump and Float Switches: Particularly important during power outages, our backup pumps ensure continuous operation. We also install and service float switches that activate the pump when water reaches a certain level.

Each type of pump has its specific function and requirements, and the company tailors its services to meet the unique needs of each system, ensuring effective and efficient water and waste management for your property.

Common Signs that Your Pump Needs Replacement

Expanded details on common signs that your pump may need replacement:

✅ Unusual Noises: Noises like grinding, humming, or rattling from the pump can indicate internal wear or damage, suggesting mechanical issues that need addressing.

✅ Frequent Clogging: Regular clogs, especially in sewage or ejector pumps, can mean the pump is losing its efficiency and might be nearing the end of its functional life.

✅ Failure to Activate: If the pump fails to start, it could be due to electrical issues, a bad switch, or mechanical failures, necessitating a professional evaluation.

✅ Slow Operation: A noticeable decrease in the pump’s ability to move water efficiently can be a sign of aging or internal damage, indicating it’s time for a replacement.

✅ Visible Damage: Physical signs of damage like cracks, corrosion, or leaks in or around the pump are clear indicators that the pump may need replacing.

✅ Age: Generally, if a pump is older than 7-10 years, its efficiency and reliability decrease, making replacement a wise choice.

✅ High Energy Bills: An increase in energy bills can be attributed to an inefficient, aging pump working harder to maintain its function.

✅ Water Damage Signs: Signs of moisture, mildew, or water damage around the pump area could indicate a failing pump not effectively managing water.

Diagnosis and Inspection

The first step in addressing pump issues involves a thorough diagnosis and inspection. NGI Drain Cleaning & Hydro Jetting employs a systematic approach to identify the root cause of pump malfunctions. This process begins with a visual inspection to check for any obvious signs of damage or wear. Technicians then assess the pump’s performance, including its ability to handle the flow and pressure of wastewater. Specialized equipment, like cameras, may be used to inspect pipes and the surrounding area for blockages or structural issues. This comprehensive evaluation ensures that the problem is accurately identified, paving the way for effective solutions.

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Schedule a free consultation
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Advanced Replacement Techniques:

NGI Drain Cleaning & Hydro Jetting utilizes advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment for pump replacement. This includes:

✅ Precision Tools: To ensure accurate removal and installation of pumps, specialized tools are used. This helps in minimizing disruption to the existing plumbing system.

✅ Modern Installation Methods: The company employs the latest methods for installing pumps, ensuring they are properly aligned and connected to the plumbing system. This includes the use of high-quality materials and seals to prevent leaks and ensure longevity.

✅ Customized Solutions: Understanding that each property has unique needs, the team customizes their approach based on the specific requirements of the plumbing system and the type of pump being installed.

Benefits of Professional Pump Replacement:

✅ Expertise and Precision: Professional services bring a high level of expertise. Trained technicians have the knowledge to accurately diagnose the underlying issues with a pump. They use precision tools and techniques, ensuring that the replacement is done correctly the first time. This expertise helps in identifying the right type of pump for your specific needs, considering factors like the volume of water to be handled and the specific layout of your plumbing system.

✅ Quality and Durability: Opting for professional services guarantees the installation of high-quality pumps that are durable and reliable. Professionals choose pumps that are best suited to your property’s requirements, which means they are less likely to fail and need fewer repairs over time. This translates to a longer lifespan for your pump and fewer hassles for you.

✅ Safety: Professional installation ensures adherence to safety standards. Pumps involve complex installations that, if done incorrectly, could lead to accidents or malfunctions. Professionals are trained to handle these installations safely, ensuring that your pump system is not only efficient but also safe for use.

✅ Warranty and Support: Professional pump installation often comes with the added benefit of warranties and ongoing support. This means if something goes wrong, you have the assurance of getting it fixed without additional costs. Regular maintenance services are also offered to keep your pump in optimal condition, further extending its lifespan.

Long-term Benefits:

✅ Improved Efficiency: New, professionally installed pumps operate more efficiently. This efficiency can lead to reduced energy consumption, which not only saves money on utility bills but also contributes to a more environmentally friendly household.

✅ Reduced Risk of Property Damage: A well-functioning pump is crucial in preventing water-related damages like flooding or leaks. Professional installation and regular maintenance ensure your pump is always operating at its best, thereby significantly reducing the risk of costly water damage to your property.

✅ Peace of Mind: Knowing that your pump has been professionally installed and is maintained by experts provides a sense of security. It assures you that your property is protected from potential pump-related issues, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your home or business without worry.

Why Choose NGI Drain Cleaning & Hydro Jetting

✅ Expertise and Experience: We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in handling various types of replacements and plumbing issues, ensuring high-quality service.

✅ Advanced Technology and Techniques: Our company utilizes the latest technology and techniques for efficient and effective pump installation and repair.

✅ Customer Satisfaction Focus: We prioritize customer satisfaction, ensuring that all services meet the specific needs and expectations of their clients.

✅ Comprehensive Service Range: We offer a wide range of services, from diagnosis and inspection to installation and maintenance, covering all aspects of replacement of pumps and plumbing needs.


Pumps should generally be inspected regularly and replaced every 7-10 years. However, this can vary based on the pump’s usage and how well it’s maintained.

DIY installation of a pump is possible, but it’s recommended to have it installed professionally for safety, and optimal efficiency, and to ensure that the warranty remains valid.

Signs like frequent clogging, strange noises, failure to start, or decreased water movement efficiency indicate that your pump may need replacement.

The labor costs vary depending on the type of pump and the complexity of installation. Contacting a professional for a detailed quote is advisable.

The type of pump needed depends on your property’s layout and specific requirements, such as sewage management or basement flood prevention.

The time for pump installation can vary but most are completed within a day, ensuring minimal disruption.

Regular maintenance is crucial for prolonging the life of a pump, maintaining its efficiency, and preventing sudden failures or emergencies.

Warranties can vary, but NGI Drain Cleaning & Hydro Jetting provides specific warranty information with each replacement service.

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Schedule a free consultation
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Schedule a free consultation
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